It started in 2019 with nonchalant surfaces, flairy cutlines, and swanky textures. Batool (The pure one) offers dashing styles that can click anybody’s heart, Which is easily accessible all over the world through online stores. Our item starts from ladies’ semi-formal and casual wear further moving to kidswear. Spotlight’s dress line is stitch fabrics so our clients can pick and embrace the styles of their own. We spend significant time in embellishments that are consolidated in shirts and trousers.


We plan to bring shades of east and west; displaying traditional clothing and eastern dress wear to various tastes. New designs display to online stores on every week.


We plan to grow with both new stores and online, in existing as well as new markets to make good quality fashion accessible for local and international customers. Batool’s strategy is to transform wardrobes by providing high-quality products in affordable prices.